Few months ago one colleague of mine told me that the best way of aligning a satellite dish is to use a phone that connects to the dreambox using wifi. I remembered this yesterday when it was so windy I completely lost signal. I didn’t want to pay some guy 30 euros for dish alignment (again) so I tried it on my own. To my surprise none of the free apps on Google Play actually worked so after some googling I found that the built in Dreambox app called dvbsnoop can also show you the signal. That’s when I got the idea: Why not connecting to the Dreambox using some ssh client and run the dvbsnoop command. It worked perfectly.

So here’s how to do it:

  1. Set the transponder of your choice on the Dreambox. I use Lyngsat.
  2. Set the elevation, azimuth and skew of your dish based on this site:
    • Elevation setup is easy, you have the scale written on your dish.
    • For azimuth setup I prefer this app.
    • I just ignored the skew part as it’s only 2.0° for my location. If you need to set it up, google some howto.
  3. Install from Google Play some SSH client on your phone/tablet. I prefer this app.
  4. SSH to your Dreambox.
  5. Run the following command to see the signal:
    dvbsnoop -pd 3 -s signal

Try to get the highest SNR value and BER 0. SNR value around 3500 is about 85% of signal strength.

Good luck aligning your dish!


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